Sun, Oct 30, 2022

October Chess School followed by an arena tournament

Chess School Time: October 30th, Sunday, 1pm - 2:30pm on Zoom (Zoom meeting room opens from 12:45 pm). 
Fee: $10 for members. Sibling member price is $7.

Sign-up without a valid membership will be removed. Renew/register your 2022-2023 membership at
Registration: Only online registration is acceptable and it will be closed by 10pm on October 29th. Participants must sign up on this event page to one of the 3 levels. The Chess School host will assign them to their level (breakout rooms) once the event starts. A link and password to the Zoom Meeting will be sent to the registered email. If you don't receive the email by morning of October 30th, please contact name on Zoom should use "the student's name_level" for proper level assignment.

Tournament time: October 30th 2:45 pm on, 90 mins Arena (unrated) 10 3, in 2 sections.

Three sections provide:

- Beginner
- Novice&Intermediate combined
- Open

Prize: top 2 of each section will receive a Free Entry to a future Chess School event. Only registered chess school students are eligible for the price.

How to register the tournament:

1. If you don't have a lichess account, watch this video on how to create a FREE account and how to join CJCC Team and a tournament.

2. Join the Team as soon as you sign up the event. Don't wait for the last minute. Once your Team joining request is accepted, you will see the Sep Chess School tournament in the Team with password required to join. The tournament password will be sent with the Zoom link and will also be communicated during the zoom meeting.

3. Join CJCC online Team Non-member will not be accepted to the Team. Watch this video on how to create a FREE account and how to join CJCC Team and a tournament.

4. Read FAIR PLAY AGREEMENT. Parents, please talk to your children about ethical play online. Signing up the event means the players have read and accepted the clauses in the AGREEMENT including the consequence of cheating.

5. The offending player's score in the tournament will be forfeit and will be banned from future CJCC online and offline tournaments for:

a) two months following the first offence.
b) 12 months following a second offence.
c) Lifetime ban following a third offence.

6. Paid membership fee will not be refunded for the banned period.
7. If determines that the player has violated the fair play rule, the CJCC will consider the's decision as final.   

Sun, Oct 30, 2022

Roy Yearwood

Lichess online

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