Sat, Apr 17, 2021

Alberta Chess Challenge on April 17th 12pm. The winner of each grade level will play on Alberta Team in The Canada Chess Challenge on June 27. The organizer of the provincal challenge is Roving Chess Nuts from Edmonton.

All registrations shall be done througRoving Chess Nuts, NOT CJCC. Refer to the tournament flyer for details. 

- Time:  April 17th, 2021 12:00pm

- Eligibility: Alberta residents only, Grade Level K-12. Regional Challenge participants (Calgary Challenge Jan 16 ) will qualify. For other Calgary region players who didn't participated in Calgary Regional, an exemption has been provided to attend as long as they pay the Regional registraion fee ($10) in addition to the Provincials registration fee ($10). All fees paid will go to the prizes for the Provincials.

- Fee: $10 for the players who had participated in 2021 Regional Challenge (Calgary or Edmonton), $20 for who didn't play any 2021 Regional Challenge. E-transfer payment to Calgary Regional winners (top 3 and top girl of each grade) still pay directly to the event organizer and CJCC will reimburse you by a Amazon gift card.

- Registration: Send all required info to 

     - Competitor’s first and last name

     - Grade level (1 – 12), and name of school (home schooled students also eligible)

     - username

     You will receive an email reply confirming your registration within 48 hrs.

- Venue: Online Team "AB Chess Challenge", password "chess".

- Zoom Room: On April 16 the organizer will receive an email with further instructions as well as a link to the tournament Zoom meeting.


Camera Requirements:

1. Due to the qualification funcion of Alberta Challenge to Canada Challenge, and an incident of cheating identified during Edmonton Regional Challenge, a stricker camera video monitoring policy will be implemented.

2. All players must show their playing screen, hands, and head during the whole tournament. This can be achieved by placing a Side Camera (using a webcam, a cell phone, a tablet, or laptop). Or the required view angle may be achieved by placing a mirror beside/behide the player if only Front Camera is available. Player/parents shall follow the TD's instruction to adjust the view to the required angle.

3. Failure to comply with the above rules will result in disqualification from playing on the Alberta Nationals team

4. CJCC members are expected to behave with best integrity. If any member is confirmed cheating by the tournament committee, the consequence based on CJCC Fair Play Agreement will also apply

Sat, Apr 17, 2021

Roving Chess Nuts


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