Sun, Sep 19, 2021

Due to the restriction regulation from AHS, we have to change the tournament to online. All players have registered and overpaid will get refund, please contact us if you have any concern. 

New Venue:  lichess online

All players need to have a lichess account (go to to register one if you don't have) and join our lichess team (you need go to if you are not a member of CJCC online team)

If this is the first time to play CFC rated tournament, you can go to to register a CFC number yourself. Please make sure you don't have one before doing that. 


Tournament Director: Sean Wu

Schedule:                   1:30 pm            5-round tournament begins

                                        (Beginner/Novice Section likely finish around 4:00; Open/Intermediate Section probably finishes around 5:00.)

Tournament link:

Beginner Section

Novice section


Open Section

Format: Players are placed in the following sections according to their ability (we will adjust players' sections before the tournament) 

    • Beginner (700-)

    • Novice (CFC rapid rating 500-700)

    • Intermediate (CFC rapid rating 700-1000)

    • Open (CFC rapid rating 1000 )

  • For those who have no CFC rating, we will determine which section you belong to according to your lichess rating (reference)

Time Control:  15min 10 sec bonus

Prizes: Trophies for top 2 individuals and top girl in each section

Fees: Annual Membership $10. Tournament fee $10 ($3 sibling discount and $3 discount for bringing a friend who is new to the club)

Registration: Pre-register at before 10:00AM on September 19th. 

Sun, Sep 19, 2021

Sean Wu

lichess online

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