ACA Workshop - Organizing Online Tournaments

Due to the pandemic many chess communities are limited to hosting chess tournaments online but lack of experience. CJCC has taken the earlier step on moving all our regular events online successfully.  ACA has asked our club to share the experience to help other chess communities gaining more confidence on running their own online events. Vlad Rekhson (ACA director and CJCC VP) is organizing an online workshop with a few other CJCC board executives to train potential organizers! The topics covered are:

1) Preparing logistics of the online tournament

2) Monitoring games and fair play

3) Preparing report for the CFC from the online event.

To get a zoom invite, please email Vlad at and tell him you plan to attend. Please take advantage of this great opportunity. The course should take an hour at most.

Published at 2021-01-19 07:10:14 by Yao Wang

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