CJCC Monthly Chess School


CJCC Monthly Chess Schools usually are scheduled on the 3rd Sunday of each Month. For actual date and online registration please check CJCC EVENTS

Location: Renert School  Bright Minds Building, 14 Royal Vista Link NW, Calgary, AB T3R 0K4


                  1:00PM   Registration/Check-In

                  1:15PM   One hour chess instruction starts

                  2:30PM   4-round tournament begins        


Format: Players are placed in the following sections according to their ability.

    • Level 1 - Beginner

    • Level 2 - Novice

    • Level 3 - Intermediate/Open


Prizes: There will be medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and top girl in each section. Other participants will be awarded colourful chess pieces.


Fees: Annual Membership $10. Tournament Fee $15 ($3 sibling discount and $5 discount for  bringing a friend who is new to the club).



Chess School Curriculum 


September, 2016

Level 1:


Level 2: I-Chess Rules Review, II-Basic Opening Concepts, III-Simple Openings (White)


Level 3: Basic opening ideas (Development, fighting for the center)


Level 4: Bishop vs Knight or Knight vs Bishop. When is one better than the other?

OctoberLevel 1:


Level 2: I-Opening Review, II-Basic Tactics, III-Notation


Level 3: Basic tactical patterns (Forks, skewers, diversion, overworked piece)


Level 4: The Attacking Bishops!

NovemberLevel 1:


Level 2: I-Opera Game, II-Basic Endgames, III-Middle Game Concepts (Attacking/Defending)


Level 3: Basic checkmating patterns (Q N, Q B, R B, back rank mates)


Level 4: The Attacking Knights!

DecemberLevel 1:


Level 2: I-Pawn Endgames, II-Simple Openings (Black), III-Middlegame Concepts (Knights vs Bishops)


Level 3: Basic endgame ideas (How to win up a pawn in K P, basic ideas in K R)


Level 4: Rook Power!

January, 2017Level 1:


Level 2: I-Anderson’s Immortal Game, II-Chess Puzzles, III-Opening Review


Level 3: Basic strategic ideas (Gaining space, when to trade pieces, occupying open files)

Level 4: How to get your Rooks into the game from the corners.

FeburaryLevel 1:


Level 2: I-Endgame Review, II-Simul (Notation), III-Analysis (Simul Games)


Level 3: Advanced opening ideas (Opening traps, gambits, unorthodox openings)

Level 4: Practical gambits for White. Give up a pawn to attack.

MarchLevel 1:


Level 2: I-How to analyze a position, II-Puzzle Competition


Level 3: Advanced tactical patterns (>1 move combinations)


Level 4: Interesting gambits for Black. Give up a pawn to attack.

AprilLevel 1:


Level 2: I-Pawn Structure, II-Analyzing Review, III-Don’t forget the Basics!


Level 3: Advanced checkmating patterns (Uncommon checkmates)


Level 4: Play like Magnus Carlsen, the World Champion.

MayLevel 1:


Level 2: I-Points aren’t everything, II-How to make a Plan


Level 3: Advanced endgame ideas (K B, K N, K Q endgames)


Level 4: How to avoid chess mistakes.

JuneLevel 1:


Level 2: I-Review of Everything, II-Grandmaster Game


Level 3: Advanced strategic ideas (Maneuvering, opening up the position, positional weaknesses, outposts)


Level 4: Endgames you should know.

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