1. The name of the club shall be the "Calgary Junior Chess Club (CJCC)".

  2. The CJCC is affiliated with the Calgary Chess Club (CCC).

  3. “Junior” and “Youth” shall be any players age 20 and under.

  4. “Scholastic” shall be any players grade 1 to 12 and

  5. “Regular monthly tournaments” shall be from September to June.

  6. “Championship season” or “special tournaments” shall be from January to May. The “Championship season” may include the following tournaments: CJCC Knockout Championship,  CJCC Undisputed (Classical-Match) Championship, CJCC Club Championship, CJCC School Team Championship, Calgary Regional Chess Challenge, and Calgary Youth Chess Championship and any other tournaments decided upon by the Executive.

  7. “Members in good-standing “shall be parents and players who have not been suspended or expelled from  the club.

  8. “Honorary directors” shall be any executive members who have served on the board in at least two different positions for at least two years. This title must be      approved by at least two-thirds good-standing members. Honorary      directors can participate and are eligible to vote in any club      meetings.



  1. To promote, administer and coordinate junior chess activities in Calgary.

  2. To give assistance to any school wishing to form a chess club in Calgary.

  3. To give guidance to beginner chess players (i.e. learning the basic chess rules) in Calgary.

  4. To help juniors of all  levels to reach their potential in chess and represent Calgary in      provincial events.

  5. To host regular and special tournaments with ribbons, certificates, trinkets, medallions,      trophies, or plaques given to the winners and all players. Giving cash  prize will be left to the tournament director’s discretion.

  6. To encourage juniors to become Chess Federation of Canada junior members.

  7. To support the ACA, the Chess Federation of Canada and Chess n’ Math Association.



  1. The annual membership fee      shall be $5.00 for players and $1.00 for parents and coaches.

  2. Players, parents and      coaches who have paid the membership fee shall be able to participate,      make motions and vote at the AGM, and will be eligible for nomination to      the Executive.

  3. A portion of the CJCC      membership fee shall be forwarded to the Alberta Chess Association (ACA)      so that all members of the CJCC shall be members of the ACA.

  4. All players are      encouraged to become members of the Chess Federation of Canada; this is optional,      not mandatory. The cost of the membership can be found on the website:

  5. Players who wish to      borrow books and/or DVDs from the Calgary Chess Club (CCC) library must be      a member of the CCC. The cost of the membership can be found on the      website:



  1. Regular monthly      tournaments will be open to all members of the club and shall be sectioned      by rating when numbers warrant it.

  2. Junior tournaments shall      be open to members of the club ages 20 and under, and shall be sectioned      by rating when numbers warrant it. There may be a Girls section when      numbers warrant it.

  3. Youth tournaments shall      be sectioned and played by age bands as follows: U8, U10, U12, U14, U16,      U18, and U20. Adjacent sections with fewer than 4 players may be combined      at the discretion of the Tournament Director (TD).

  4. Scholastic tournaments      shall be sectioned and played by grade level. Adjacent grades with fewer      than 4 players may be combined at the discretion of the Tournament      Director.

  5. Schools will be      encouraged and assisted in holding tournaments at their schools. These may      be sectioned by grade or by rating as numbers warrant and at the      discretion of the Tournament Director.

  6. Tournament Directors      shall submit a budget prior to any tournament and have it reviewed and      approved by at least 2 members of the Executive.

  7. The Tournament Director      shall work to ensure that the tournament makes at least 20% profit. Any      expenditure over budget must be approved by the Executive.

  8. The Tournament Director      shall provide to the treasurer an income/expense report and money for      deposit within 2 weeks after the tournament completion.

  9. The Tournament Director      shall post a schedule prior to the tournament and shall make players and      parents aware of any necessary changes to the posted schedule.

  10. The current or immediate      former CJCC Champion shall be allowed to play in the qualifying tournament      (i.e. candidate match, 2-champions match) for the CJCC Closed      Championship.



Entry fees to the monthly CJCC tournaments (4-6 rounds event) shall be $10 for regular tournaments and $25 in championship season, with possible discounts, etc. left up to the tournament director (early/late, siblings, etc.). The entry fee of the CJCC School Team Championship will be left to the tournament director’s discretion. The entry fee for provincial qualifying tournament(s) will also be left to the organizer’s discretion.



  1. The club shall hold its      annual general meeting (AGM) in May of each year (usually held at the      end of the championship season). Notification of the date and location      shall be given to all members at least a week before the AGM. At this      meeting members in good standing shall be elected to fill the executive      positions. Good-standing members who are eligible to vote must have      attended the club for at least two months before this meeting. Any      executive vacancy occurring during the year must be filled by the      appointment of the executive until the next annual general meeting. The quorum      at the annual general meeting shall be not less than ten (10) members, not      including board members.

  2. The club shall hold at      least 2 board meetings throughout the year to discuss any club business.      Members of the board shall be notified of the date, time,      location, and agenda of the meetings at least a week      before the meeting. Club meetings shall be called by the president      (*including replacement/substitute of president) or secretary. The quorum      at the meeting shall be not less than three (3) board members, including      at least two of: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

  3. If a quorum is not      present at the proposed meeting, then the meeting shall continue, but no      votes may be taken.



1.    The executive shall consist of a past-president, president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, honorary director(s), four directors, two junior representatives, junior coordinator each holding office for a term of one year (with the exception of the immediate past-president who can stay on the board for two years since his/her resignation).


2.    The immediate past-president and honorary director(s) shall be voting members of the board and eligible to participate in board meetings.


3.    The president, secretary, vice-president, and treasurer shall possess signing authority. The president and treasurer shall be the primary signing officers. If either the president or secretary could not sign, then the other two officers can fulfill this responsibility.


(a) The president shall work with the secretary to call and prepare the agenda for all board meetings. S/he must chair (present) in all meetings.

(b) The president cannot vote in any meetings, except in the case of a tie-breaking vote.

(c) The president shall work to improve the CJCC’s relationships with other chess organizations, including Chess In The Library (2011), the Calgary Chess Club, the Roving ChessNuts, the Alberta Chess Association, the Chess n’ Math Association, and the Chess Federation of Canada.

(d) The president shall work with the local junior coordinator to prepare the dates/location/tournament director of Calgary junior chess events (i.e. tournaments, etc). The president shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that these events are run successfully.

(e) The president shall determine the format of the Calgary Junior Chess Club championship cycle. The CJCC president shall determine cash prizes or funding to the champions (knockout, club, undisputed, and closed) to represent the club in tournaments outside the city.

(f) The president shall appoint a chairman and two members in formation of any ad hoc committee (commission).

(g) The president shall seek other forms of funding in the form of sponsorship or donations.

(h) An experienced adult executive member can assist the president’s affairs if the president is under the age of 18.


(a) In the case of the absence or inability of the President to act, the Vice-President shall assume presidential responsibilities. In the absence of the president and vice president, then a meeting may be called to elect a president.


(a) The secretary shall record the minutes of all club and executive meetings.

(b) The secretary shall see that these minutes are kept up-to-date and circulated to the members of the board through email no longer than a month after the meeting.

(c) The secretary shall collect and receive any membership fees. Such money shall be promptly turned over to the treasurer for deposit.

(d) The secretary shall keep a record of all club memberships (i.e. address, telephone numbers). It is the duty of the secretary to make a database with the contact information of current players.

(e) The secretary shall work with the president to call and prepare for all board meetings.


(a)   The treasurer shall receive all the money paid to the club and shall be responsible to deposit them in the bank.

(b)   The treasurer shall present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the executive whenever requested including board meetings and annual general meeting.

(c)   The treasurer shall work with the Calgary Chess Club’s treasurer in regards to the CJCC’s funding request, rating invoices, etc.

(d)   The treasurer shall make sure that there is at least $500 in the CJCC’s bank account at the end of the year.

(e)   The treasurer shall make sure that no more than 20% of the entry fees are used as a cash prize fund, and only if a 20% profit is ensured after revenue and expenses are calculated.

(f)    The treasurer shall review the revenue and expenses of tournaments to ensure that all tournaments make a profit.

(g)   The treasurer shall pay an honorarium of $20.00/day or $20.00 CJCC credits for regular season TD and $20.00/day or $20.00 CJCC credits for championship season TD.


(a) The tournament coordinator shall work with the president in deciding the date/location/tournament directors of Calgary junior chess events (i.e. tournaments, etc.).

(b) The tournament coordinator shall be responsible to ensure that that club Tournament Directors have sent all appropriate and timely tournament reports, memberships and fees to the Chess Federation of Canada and Chess n’ math association.

(c) The tournament coordinator shall solve any issues arising in Calgary junior chess events (i.e. complaints).

(d) The tournament coordinator shall work with the provincial coordinator in improving chess for Calgary.


(a) The directors shall attend meetings and vote on any motions.

(b) The directors shall do inventory check at the end of the year.

(c) The directors shall create and distribute promotional flyers and monthly newsletters.

(d) The directors shall email all players in regards to upcoming tournaments. Directors shall arrange phone-out or email promotions.

(e) The directors shall list all tournaments on CJCC, ACA, and Chess n’ math websites. Directors shall make sure that the CJCC website is kept up-to-date.

(f) The directors shall each direct at least two tournaments throughout the year.

(g) The directors shall arrange ordering awards (i.e. medallions, trophies, etc.) and/or any club materials.

(h) The directors shall arrange engraving the permanent trophies (i.e. school team and club championship trophies).


(a) The minimum age of junior representatives shall be 12.

(b) The junior representatives shall perform a survey to all juniors in the club.

(c) The junior representatives shall present a summary of the survey and any problems brought up by juniors in board meeting.



Two auditors (who did not have signing authority in the previous year) shall be elected at the AGM for the purpose to review the accounts of the previous year. If none are elected, the Board may appoint two people.



The amendments to the bylaw may be proposed by any board members, or club members. The amendments to the bylaws must be passed by 75% of the eligible voters at the meeting. If club members request an amendment to the bylaws, then they would have to present the motion at the AGM, along with the names of the mover and seconder.

Minor changes (i.e. capitalization, correcting spelling and grammar), shall be permitted without the need to vote by our club members.


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