CJCC 2022-2023 Membership Renewal

2022-08-30 By Wanjing Hu
Dear All,

Another CJCC chess year is upon us. This is a friendly reminder to renew your membership and pay the annual membership fee of $10. You can do so via the link: https://www.calgaryjuniorchess.com/CJCC/Member/Member

Please note you need to be an active member to be able to register in the upcoming CJCC events.

Please refer your friends to join the CJCC and invite them to register via the link: https://www.calgaryjuniorchess.com/CJCC/Member/Member. You will be able to play together in the next CJCC tournament.

Wish you all a fantastic chess year!
Published at 2022-08-30 08:02:26 by Yao Wang

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