2023 Back to School Tournament

2023-09-10 By Lili Ou
What a wonderful start. After Renert renovated the portable building, the play rooms become smaller. Therefore, we have to limit the number of partipant. Despite the disadvantage, we still had 56 paticpants

This school year, we have a lot of returning members, but we also have a lot of new members. Some of them are even new to Calgary or Canada. Hien Son is one of them. He has just been in Canada for a month. Hien has never played a CFC rated tournament. His dad registered him for intermediate but not very sure whether it was right for him. TD Paul moved him to Beginner and he won the 1st with 4.5/5. Congradulations to Hen Son. I am sure he will be confident to play in Intermediate next time.

Anne finished 2nd. Here you go, Girl Power! Easton finished 3rd. Raphael, who was only 5-year-old, finished 4th. Yuxiu, a new member to formal tournament, learned "touch move" rule in a hard way. Instead of capturing a easy knight, he had to trade his knight for a pawn. It took him almost 5 minutes to recover and continue playing. Although he lost this game, he finished 5th with 3.5/5.I am pretty sure Yuxiu will do better next time. Nishka won top girl in Beginner.

In the intermediate, with only CFC rating 609, Ansh won the 1st with a perfect score 5/5. His opponents' average rating is 885.Congradulations to our rising Star Ansh. Pranav finished 2nd with 4/5. Noah, played so fast that he realized he would be mate in one after moving his piece in the first 20 moves. He lost the second game and finished 3rd with 4/5. There were 6 teenages in this section and I saw 6 cell phones on the table. I have to remind them about the cell phone rules.Fortunately, no one was forfited for a phone ring. Valada won top girl in this section.

Arora brothers registered for intermediate as they did not have a CFC quick rating. However, they played a regular tournament and had a CFC regular rating of 1100 . I convinced their parent that they should move to Open based on their chess skill level. Unsurprisingly, Ishaan secured 1st place with a perfect score of 5/5. Soham lost only to his brother and finished 2nd with 4/5. Longtime member Michael Xu finished 3rd. Katherine was the top girl in Open section.

Our first tournament ended around 6:30 pm. Thanks to all the volunteers to make the place clean and tidy. I look forward to meeting all the players next Sunday.

Published at 2023-09-13 12:50:24 by Lily Ou

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