2023 Calgary Junior Chess Championship

2023-10-14 By Lili Ou

Thanks to the help of our member' parent, we found a great place. Our members are excited about the spacious environment. However, I still want to remind parents to take good care of their children. Running up and down long stairs is not safe. We would also appreciate it if you could teach your children to clear the table after lunch there.

We have 66 youth enrolled in the Calgary Junior Regional. 12 competitive players competed in 5 rounds of round robin in the open section to compete for the glory of the Calgary regional championship. Jinghui Bai, Hemant Srinivasan and Ricky McCoshen registered on the final day and pushed the section to an even more intense level. Hemant won the title without losing any match. He scored 4.5 out of 5. He only drew with the second player Ricky. Congratulations to our new 2023 Calgary Junior Regional Champions. Jonathan Wu finished third with 3/5. Eduardo Arturo finished fourth with 3/5. Eduardo is only 8 years old and has just moved to Calgary from Mexico. CJCC is lucky to have a rising star. April ultimately finished sixth and became the top girl in the section. The biggest disparity of the tournament was April with 1424 defeated James with 1742.

The U1300 section is the section with the most players, with 33 registrants. Leo Nguyen, who was ranked 5th before the game, finished 1st without losing any games. He scored 6/7. Allison Chan won 4 games in a row and ranked 1st on the first day, but lost 2 games on the second day. In the last game, Allison scored 4 points and Ansh scored 4.5 points. The board became the last to be completed, resulting in the top three finishers and top girl. Allison had been in losing position until the end game when her persistence finally paid off. Ansh used a knight to fork Allison’s king and rook. But after Alison moved her king to attack Ansh's rook, Ansh lost his chance to prevent Alison from promoting her pawn. Ansh had since resigned. 4 players had 5 points and Allison finished 2nd with better tie-break scores. Zhihui Lai finished 3rd, Jaiven Johal 4th and Christopher 5th. A total of 7 girls participated in the U1300 competition. Alison finished second, so Liubov Shtepa was the top girl in U1300.

In U800 section. Lakshan Sathishkumar won the 1st place with 6 out of 7. The same as U1300, 4 players got 5 points. Aarav Singh finished 2nd with better tie-break scores. Logan Fu was 3rd, Stepan Smaha 4th and Audvik Vema 5th. Victor Zhao was 6th with 4.5/5. Because of miscommunication, Kathik Korrapati left early on the 1st day and forfeited for the 4th game. He still got 7th by getting 2.5 out 3 in the 2nd day. Lucy Zhao was the top girl in U800.

It's been a flu season lately. Four children did not finish the game because they felt sick. Please take care of yourself. See you at the usual AJCC venue in November.

Published at 2023-10-17 02:29:03 by Lily Ou

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