Christmas Party and Chess

2023-12-17 By Lili Ou

The Calgary Junior Chess Club (CJCC) celebrated the joyous season with a Christmas party and hosted its final chess tournament of the year on December 17, 2023, at Renert School. The spread of pizza, treats, and juice boxes was well-received by all attendees. Despite the brief delay, everyone enjoyed the delicious offerings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players, parents, and guests.

After the Christmas party, we had our final 4 round chess tournament. As there were only 3 players qualified for the Open section, I had to combine the Intermediate and Open section together. Bryan C showcased exceptional skill and strategy, securing a flawless victory with a perfect score 4/4.  His performance was truly commendable and marked him as the undisputed champion. 3 players with 3 points ranked from 2nd to 4th.  Jovan S finished 2nd and Leo N. ranked 3rd. Allison C ranked the 4th and she was also the top girl for this section.

There were 21 players participated in the Beginner section and six of them attend their first chess tournament. Virat K won his 1st place with undefeated scores. The battle for the 2nd place was intense, with five players earning a total of 3 points each. Rananjay S emerged as the 2nd place winner, demonstrating superior tie-break points. Rananjay's only loss occurred in the final round against Virat K. Avaneesh S. finished 3rd place.

A total of 12 players participated in the novice group. Competition is also fierce. Jaxon N remained undefeated before the last round, followed by the other four players with 2 points. They all have a chance to win first place. In the end, 3 players scored 3 points. Despite losing to second place Wilder E, Jackson N still won the championship. In the third round, Aadiv resigned shortly after he blundered his queen. Before the last game started, I encouraged all players not to give up easily because you never know what would happen later. Aadiv took my advice and kept playing when he lost a major piece in the last round. His persistence allowed him to win the final game and secured a well-deserved third-place finish. After the game, he came up to me and said "thank you". I was touched by his heartfelt "thank you".

Persistence also played a key role in the last finished board. Although Eugene L was at a disadvantage, he fought until the last moment. This is really the last minute. He only has 30 seconds left and only one king. When everyone thought he was going to lose the game, his opponent Muhammad K made his second illegal move. Muhammad pressed the clock before he replaced the pawn with a new piece.  Eugene received half point for his persistence.

Eric N. encountered difficulties in the game. He lost the first three games and cried twice. But after he calmed down, he continued his final game and won quickly. Way to go Eric! Standing up and starting again is a victory in itself.

This Christmas party and tournament was a delightful culmination of chess, celebration, and community. I am always moved by the resilience and determination displayed by these young chess players in the face of setbacks. We look forward to another year of chess and camaraderie in 2024. Happy holidays to all!

Published at 2023-12-19 02:04:10 by Lily Ou

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