2024 Calgary Youth Championship

2024-02-11 By Lili Ou

There were 2 players registered for U18, We have to combine U18 and U16 into one section to complete but trophies were awarded in two sections. The Nikolov brothers and Rostyslav S all have 4 points. Base d on their ages and tie-break points, Christopher N won the U16 1st place and Alexander N was the 1st in U18.  Rostyslav was the 2nd in U16. Daniel G with 3 points ranked the 4th in the tournament but 2nd in U18. The 5th place Ishaan A was the 3rd in U16. Teja was the top girl.

12 players played in U14. No doubt, the highest rating player Jonathan W won his champion with undefeated scores.  Aaqi A, probably the 2nd strongest player of the whole tournament secured his 2nd place with the only lost to Jonathan. Felix Z, Alexander S and Allison C had the same score 3 out of 5 and ranked from 3rd to 5th. Allison C was the top girl in this section.

U12 had the largest number of participants and was the most competitive section. Among these players are many long-term members and rising stars. A total of 27 players participated in this group, 9 of whom have won the top three in this group in previous years. Eduardo, the second highest rating player secure his 1st place with 5/5. Before the last round, 7 players had 3 points and competed for the 2nd and 3rd places. April secured her 2nd place with 4 points and better tie-break score. Jack Sheng ranked the 3rd. Elsa W was the top girl.

18 players competed in U10 section. As usual, Lucas W continued to dominate this section with a perfect score. Finley Z ranked 2nd with 4 points and Liubov S was the 3rd. Lucy Z ranked the 4th and also the top girl in U10.

We have 13 players competing in U8 section. Kaiser N won his champion with an undefeated scores. 3 players with the same score of 3.5/5 rank from 2nd to 4th. George L ranked 2nd with better tie-break score and Audivk V is the 3rd. Anne G ranks 7th and is the top girl in this section.

Published at 2024-02-14 12:27:10 by Lily Ou

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