Calgary Junior Chess Club Annual General Meeting

June 19, 2016


1.       President’s Report (1130-1200)


1.1.    Purpose

The Calgary Junior Chess Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of junior chess in the Calgary Area.

1.2.    2015-16 Board of Directors




Guoliang Wu


Angelo Tolentino


Allan Schlegel


Ved Sharma

Tournament Coordinator

Vlad Rekhson


Chenxi Zhao


Vera Li


Giri Koneru


Roy Yearwood

Past President

Paul Gagne



1.3.    Overview of Programs

1.3.1. Monthly Tournaments

A total of 121 players participated in monthly tournaments, an average of 36 per tournament

Average cost is $120.

1.3.2. Chess Schools

A total of 115 players participated in chess schools, an average of 28 per session.

Average cost about $160.

1.3.3. Championship Tournaments

These include the Calgary Junior Chess Championship, Calgary Youth Chess Championship, Calgary Chess Challenge and Calgary School Chess Championship

o   Calgary Chess Challenge is the most costly: $600 for trophies, $760 for travel support to Alberta Chess Challenge, $1100 for travel support to national Chess Challenge

o   Calgary Chess School Championship is the largest tournament with 90 participants

1.4.    Financial Overview

Opening balance $554.15

Current balance approximately $3700 (pizza lunch not yet paid)

Major spending:             Chess challenge support $1860

                                              Trophies and medals $3200

                                              Pizza lunch $1000

                                              Chess school $1500

                                              TD and Chess Puzzle Contests $540

1.5.    Opportunities and Challenges

Opportunities for improvement:

o   Chess School

o   Chess Challenge

o   Calgary Chess Festival

o   Website

o   AGLC

o   Sponsorship

o   Monthly Tournament Advanced Section

o   Canadian Chess Challenge

o   ACA Chess School Support

o   Volunteers

1.6.    Awards and Thanks

Volunteers of the Year – Vlad Rekhson, Vera LI, Angelo Tolentino, Roy Yearwood, Chilly Li, Chenxi Zhao

Supporters of the Year – Frank Kluytmans, Calgary Chess Club Treasurer; Vladimir Penchenkin, Alberta Chess Association Director

Grand Prix Top Schools                1st: Bearspaw Christian

                                                              2nd: Louis Riel, St. Elizabeth Seton

                                                              3rd: Tom Baines, Western Canada

Grand Prix Top Players                 Girl: Lauren Spicer

                                                              1st: Arul Papneja

                                                              2nd: Kevin Qin

                                                              3rd: Daniel Eaton

Coach of the Year – Wilf Kazmaier, Bearspaw Christian School

CJCC Honorary Award – Jim Daniluk, Calgary Chess Club President

Most Valuable Payers                  1st: Kevin Qin, Piaoyi Wu, Daniel Eaton, Victor Liu

                                                              2nd: Anand Chandra, Vishruth Sharma, Raphael Libre, Dominik                                                                  Knoll, Ricky Chen, Arul Papneja

                                                              3rd: Terry Fu, Matt Fu, Jeffrey Chen, Andre Tolentino, Patrick                                                                    Tolentino, Lauren Spicer, Tanushka Jindal, Khino Tolentino,                                                                       Chenxi Zhao

                                                              4th: Quang Bui, Maxim Bryuzgin, Jerry Ming, Ethan Cheung,                                                                        Andrew Chen, Paul Wang, Chenxi Wu, Ryan Zang, Ian Zhao,                                                                      William Zheng, Arya Mohammadi


2.       Election of 2016-17 Board (1200)




Guoliang Wu (remaining)


Angelo Tolentino (remaining)


Sharron Spicer (new)


Ved Sharma (remaining)

Tournament Coordinator

Vlad Rekhson (remaining)

Chess School Coordinator

Diwan Shi (new)

Chess in the Library Coordinator

Kevin Zhao (new)


Giri Koneru (remaining)


Vera Li (remaining)


Steven Peter (new)


Chandra Popneja (new)


Yilong Qin (new)

Youth Member

Druv Jindal (new)

Youth Member

Jerry Li (new)

Youth Member

Lauren Spicer (new)

Youth Member

Andre Tolentino (new)

Youth Member

Jeff Wang (new)

Past President

Paul Gagne (remaining)



3.       Board Meeting - New Business (1645-1745)

In attendance: Guoliang Wu, Angelo Tolentino, Sharron Spicer, Ved Sharma, Vlad Rekhson, Kevin Zhao, Vera Li, Steven Peter, Chandra Popneja

3.1.    Schedule

Vlad will work on schedule of Chess School and monthly tournaments for September to December

3.2.    Chess Camps

3.2.1. Vlad is organizing a camp at Renert School from August 2-5, immediately following the Calgary Invitational

3.2.2. Should we host a CJCC camp in the summer?

o   would include some chess instruction and competition

o   ideally could incorporate some other activity, especially outdoors; this is a challenge with using Calgary Chess Club as the venue

o   other locations may increase potential activities and marketing opportunities, but will incur a cost

o   Costs will depend upon location, duration, and instructors; may consider fee reductions based on past year’s participation in CJCC chess school and tournaments.  Costs include food, prizes, coach.

o   cost estimate based on prior camps of $140-200 was a break-even point of 15 youth

o   Will need to have volunteers to help run.  Should have at least two adults on site.

o   Questions about insurance and waivers arose.  Club has insurance for on-site activities but not sure of coverage if off-site.

o   Actions:

o   Settled upon August 22-24 as potential dates

o   Steven has offered to be the coach

o   Steven will determine Glendale Community Centre’s availability and cost

o   Sharron will contact Jim and Frank (Calgary Chess Club) about insurance coverage

o   Once location is determined, we will proceed with registration

o   Need to determine registration fee, process, deadline; if minimum registration is not met by deadline, will give notice and cancel camp

o   Will consider dates for next summer earlier in the season

3.3.    National Events

3.3.1.  Calgary has not hosted a national event for many years.  Discussion occurred about hosting the Canadian Junior Championship, which has not been held for several years.  This has previously been held in January.  Submission for hosting is due mid-July.

o   Actions:

o   Guoliang will gather more information and send by e-mail for Board to vote on whether to support a bid to host 2017 Canadian Junior Championship

3.4.    Tournament Referee workshop

3.4.1.  TD workshop will be held July 9 at the Calgary Chess Club.  Vlad will post on ACA website.  No charge if you agree to arbitrate an ACA event.

3.5.    Constitution

3.5.1. Ved and Sharron will review constitution and by-laws to ensure they meet standards for a non-profit organization.


Meeting Adjourned at 1715

Minutes prepared by Sharron Spicer and approved by Guoliang Wu

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