Sat, Jan 20, 2018

Tie Break Procedure

In case two or more players are tied for places 1-3 or the following tie-break procedure will apply:


1) Head to head result.  This will only apply if all the players in a tied group played each other.


2) Tie-break match.  If two players tie they will play a two game match.  If the tie is for first place a two game match will be held with the time control of: Game 10 minutes 5 seconds delay per move.  If the tie is for second, third or best girl prize the time control will be:  If more than two players are tied, they will play a round-robin tournament with the same time controls.  If the tie is still not broken the procedure will be repeated; however, if only two players are tied, they will only play one game with the colours determined at random.   The time control may be increased for some less experienced players at Tournament Director’s discretion.


3) Tie-breaks for all other places will be determined with the following criteria:

a) Head to Head

b) Bucholz (total scores of opponents)

c) Sonnenborn-Berger (total scores of opponents you beat and half the scores of opponents you drew.)

d) Cumulative score after each round.

e) Total wins.



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