Sun, Jun 5, 2022


We need 2 volunteers to help registration and supervising kids.

Entry fee: 


Deadline: 10pm on Jun. 4th, on site registration not available


  • Open (CFC rapid rating >=1300)
  • Girl 
  • Intermediate (CFC rapid rating between 1000 to 1299)
  • Novice (CFC rapid rating between 700-999)
  • Beginner (CFC rapid rating <=699)

Note: Girl can choose to play in girl section or in other sections 


12:00pm – 5:30pm

12:00pm - 12:15 pm Check-in

12:30pm Tournament Begins

Tie-breaks (if necessary) and awards: immediately after the completion of the last round



The exact format of each section will depend on the number of participants but players should expect to play 5 games.

Time control:

Game in 20 minutes with a 5-second increment

Special rules: 

No agreed draws are allowed before move 25. 

Players are not allowed to talk to anyone (including parents, coaches, and other participants) except the TD during their games.

It is forbidden for players to have cell phones, or other electronic communication, computer, or media devices in the tournament room.

Playoff for top 2 places and computer tie breaks for others

Prizes in each section

Top 3 players in each section will get trophies

Top 2 players in each section will also get prizes (Discount of entry fee of NAYCC 2022)

Open section: 1st $180, 2nd $90

Girl Section: 1st $180, 2nd $90

Intermediate Section: 1st  $100, 2nd: $50

Novice Section: 1st $100, 2nd: $50

Beginner Section: 1st $60, 2nd: $30

Discounts Sponsored by the Alberta Chess Association (ACA)

Sun, Jun 5, 2022

Calgary Juniour Chess Centre

Renert School
14 Royal Vista Link NW, Calgary

Calgary Junior Chess Centre 

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