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Tournament Director: Sean Wu

Schedule: 12:00 – 1:00  Registration/Check-In 

                                        (Players who arrive after 1:15 will be paired for Round 2.)

                  1:15              5-round tournament begins

                                        (Beginner, Novice and Intermediate Sections likely finish around 4:30; Open Section likely finishes around 5:00.)

Format: Players are placed in the following sections for tournament with reference to their latest posted CFC Active Rating with plus/minus 20 points floats. Final placement, including unrated/new players, is to the Head TD's discretion. Check your CFC rating on https://chess.ca/players

    • Level 1 - Beginner (0-399)

    • Level 2 - Novice (400-699)

    • Level 3 - Intermediate (700-999)

    • Level 4 - Open (over 1000)

Time Control:  20min 5 sec delay

Prizes: Trophies for top 3 individuals and top girl in each section. Other participants will be awarded colourful chess pieces.

FeesAnnual Membership $10. Tournament Fee $15 if registered by 10:00 pm of the Friday prior to the event, or $20 for onsite registration. ($3 sibling discount and $7 discount for bringing a friend who is new to the club).

Registration: Pre-register at www.calgaryjuniorchess.com before 10:00PM on May 1st. Thereafter, you must register onsite and will be paired from Round 2.

Sat, May 2, 2020

Sean Wu

Renert School
14 Royal Vista Dr NW, Calgary

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