As the March regular events have been cancelled, CJCC is organizing our first ever online FUN tournament on This tournament is FREE and UNRATED.

Tournament Organizer: Yao Wang

Schedule: 1:30 pm  Start of 5-round tournament

Time Control: 15 5

How to register:

1. If you haven't registered a free account on, go their website to register a new free account. No paid account required to play a club tournament. To play the tournament, you shall use WEB version, NOT the App!

2. Come to CJCC event page to register the player with the username on chesskid.comreal name, and which section to play.  This is very important as this is the only way to invite you to the online club. Choose the section that best suits your level or what you normally registered in CJCC events. Two sections provided: 

  • CJCC March Fun Tournament - Beginner&Novice
  • CJCC March Fun Tournament - Intermediate&Open.

3. Once registered on CJCC page, you will be added to CJCC Club on by invitation.  Go to "Club" in chesskid to verify you can see the CJCC club.

4. At least 10 mins prior to the tournament start time, log in your chesskid account, go to Play - > Play Fast. You should see the two tournment with the section name. Click the section you want to play and hit "Join". Again, to play the tournament, you shall use WEB version, NOT the App

5. Wait until the time starts. The pairing will be automatically done. Once all games completed in a round, the pairing of next round will automatically start. It's very important to not leave the tournament page while waiting for next pairing, otherwise you may be dropped off the tournament by system.

6. Once all rounds are completed, winners will be calculated and presented by the system

Prizes: Digital medal online.


Registration: Pre-register at before 10:00PM on March 13. Thereafter, no register will be allowed.


Sat, Mar 14, 2020

Yao Wang


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