We are having an online School Team Tournament to wrap up CJCC 2021-2022 chess season. This event is FREE and NO CJCC membership required and not CFC rated.

Time: June 18th, 1:30pm

Venue: lichess.org

Team Requirements:

1. All team members must be from the same school and must be the regular school. Tutoring centres or chess clubs are not considered regular schools. Schools from other regions in Alberta are also welcome to register. Homeschoolers may join any school team, or form their own team for homeschoolers.

2. Each school may form maximum of 3 teams but each player can only play for one school team. No more team from same school will be allowed once the maximum number is reached in the registration list. 

3. Each team shall have a Team Leader who is responsible for:

Making announcement in your school community and recruit your team members.

* Creating a team in lichess using https://lichess.org/team/new. The team shall be named as "School Name - Team Identifier", eg "ABC School - team 1" or "XYZ School -Wolfgun". Ensure the team name is provided in registration so it can be added to the tournament, and ensure all your team members join the team.

*  Registering their team and members on this CJCC page, including the lichess team name, school name, members name, grade,and their lichess ID's. Team members name will be shown on the winning team's certificate. Each team only needs one registraiton done by the Team Leader.

The registration deadline is June 17th, 10 pm.

Tournament Format:

1. The format will be Team Battle Arena on lichess.org.

2. Time control is 10 plus 5 and total play time is 1.5 hrs. Players will be auto-paired to next available player from another team.

3. The total points of the top 6 scored players of each team will be counted as the team score. No Berserk but will allow Arena Streaks. 


The top 3 winning school teams will receive a digital certificate with team members' names.

Fair Play:

There will not be a Zoom video monitoring for this event but all Fair Play rules shall be followed. The games will be monitored and reviewed by CJCC Tournament Committee during and after the tournament.

Sat, Jun 18, 2022

Sean Wu


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