GM Workshop Series 2 with GM Evgeny Bareev and Chess Simultaneous Exhibition with FM Ian Zhao

2020-11-11 By Yao Wang

We are exciting to announce that we are inviting GM Evgeny Bareev on Remembrance Day November 11th 10am-11am to the 2nd episode of our GM Workshop Series - Attacking the f7 Square.

Grandmaster Evgeny Bareev is currently the highest rated player from Canada. Originally from Russia, Grandmaster Bareev was ranked number four in the world back in 2003. Currently, while he still plays on occasion, Grandmaster Bareev is working as a professional chess coach. 

This event is open to general public and CJCC members with a discount.

  • If you are NOT a CJCC active member please sign up the event on this pageFee is $15 for non-member. You may also join CJCC for $10 annual fee to enjoy the member discount.
  • If your are CJCC 2020-2021 active members, please use a separate page to register for the discount price at $10. The web address is sent to your email used for membership registration.
Sign-up will be closed at 10 pm November 10th. 

Chess Simultaneous Exhibition with FM Ian Zhao: Our Calgary Top Junior FM Ian Zhao will run a Chess Simultaneous Exhibition with all event participants on lichess following the lesson with the GM. You may have an opportunity to challenge the FM! The link will be sent out on Zoom.

Published at 2020-11-06 12:41:01 by Yao Wang

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