Sat, Feb 12, 2022

2022 Calgary Chess Challenge

Registration deadline: 10:00pm on Feburary 11. Only open to juniors in Calgary and surrounding areas (Airdrie, Okotoks,etc). 

Please make sure you renew 2021-2022 membership:

- Time: Feburary 12, 1:30pm

- Venue: CJCC Online Team @ tournament will require a password, which will be sent after the sign-up is closed and also will be communicated on the Zoom.

- Zoom Room: open from 1 pm,

                                 Meeting ID: 263 781 7252      Password: chesscjcc

- Format: 5 rounds Swiss, 15mins plus 10s incremental, 2 mins break between rounds. 

- Sections by Grades (Grade 1-12): Sections might be combined if there are not sufficient players in certain grade. Kindergarteners and pre-schooler must register Grade 1 section.

     Check your rating at If your name is not there, you are Unrated.

- Ratings: This tournament will be rated both CFC and CMA

- Fee: $10, $3 discount for sibling

- Prize:  Trophies for the top 3 and top girl of each section. Only one prize per qualified player. If one player is qualified for more than one prize, they will be assigned with the higher prize. Tie-break will be determined by the system unless manual adjustment is involved due to post-game review.


1. All players must have a valid 2021-2022 CJCC membership. Renew/register your membership HERE.

2. All players must sign up the tournament on this page. Sign-up will close on 10pm of Feb 11. Late sign up will not be permitted. 

3. Join CJCC online Team Non-member will not be accepted to the Team. Watch this video on how to create a FREE account and how to join CJCC Team and a tournament. 

4. All players must log in the Zoom room  at least 15 mins prior to the tournament start, and keep their LIVE VIDEO on througout the tournament. The Zoom Name must be changed to the "Player's name_lichess ID". Players who are in the tournament but don't show up on the Zoom room will get their score FORFEIT! The tournament directors will be monitoring and will ask the players to display if their video is off. Players are not allowed to record the meeting at any time during the tournament. Players using iPad may have an issue losing the video display if they switch to lichess window. It's recommeded to use a PC or laptop to play, or using a separate device to log in the Zoom to display the player while playing on iPad.

5. Players are strongly recommended to use a SIDE camera to show your screen, face, and handsFront camera is allowed, though we recommend a side view as it helps mitigate any suspicions. They will be muted unless requested by the TDs. They are allowed to move around when they finish their own games or during round breaks. Chat is prohibited. 

6. Read FAIR PLAY AGREEMENTParents, please talk to your children about ethical play online. Signing up the event means the players have read and accepted the clauses in the AGREEMENT including the consequence of cheating.

7. All results are considered unofficial until the post-game review is done, which will take 3-7 days. All games may be reviewed by the TD's. Suspicous games will be reviewed by the Tournament Commitee designated by the Board. If cheating is discovered and confirmed, the player's ID will be reported to lichess. The offending player's score in the tournament will be forfeit and will be banned from future CJCC online and offline tournaments for:

a) two months following the first offence.

b) 12 months following a second offence.

c) Lifetime ban following a third offence.

Paid membership fee will not be refunded for the banned period.

8. Get familiar with Swiss Tournament rules at CJCC is not responsible for any loss due to the chess platform system issues.

9. Updated CFC rating can be checked on after the final official result is posted on CJCC website.

Sat, Feb 12, 2022

Yao Wang

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